Health and Safety Policy of the Isley Group

We are committed to safety and job satisfaction for our employees.

Health and Safety - Isley Group

-  The Isley Group is committed to conducting all operations safely and preventing injuries to all workers, subcontractors and visitors to each and every job site.

-  In order to carry out this policy, the Isley Group accepts and will comply with, as minimum standards, all accident regulations proclaimed as provincial and/or federal law.

-  It is the responsibility of supervisors to ensure that all concerned at their operations are familiar with such laws and/or regulations and have copies available to them.

-  Every employee is entitled to a safe place in which to work and to the benefits of an aggressive and continuing accident prevention program.

Isley Group - Safety Tour-  Supervisory personnel are advised that the safety of employees is their number one responsibility.

-  All employees and contractors of the Isley Group will carry out this policy, sharing the responsibility of safety training and maintenance of a safe work environment as we strive for excellence.

-  The safety information in this policy does not take precedence over the OH&S Act, Regulations and Code. All employees should be familiar with the OH&S Act, Regulations and Code.

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