Alcohol and Drug Policy of the Isley Group

Date Program Started: June 01, 1998

The Isley Group’s primary goal is the provision of a safe and healthy workplace for all employees.  The Company recognizes that abuse of alcohol and drugs results in significant costs to health, safety, productivity and individual performance.  The Company’s objective is to have a workplace free of any negative impacts of alcohol and drug use.

The focus of this policy is on the impact of alcohol/drug use on job capability.   The Isley Group expect all employees to be fit for duty while engaged in company business or working on company premises.  The Isley Group views alcohol and drug addiction as a treatable medical illness.  The Company encourages employees affected by drug or alcohol problems to seek treatment early and voluntarily.  Where the use of alcohol and drugs affects performance or poses a threat to employees or others, Company supervisors will take action to ensure safety and manage performance.  The Company is committed to the provision of education and referral assistance to all employees.

This policy also provides the guidelines and process to identify and intervene with employees whose performance is affected by alcohol or drug use or abuse.   It will be applied fairly and consistently for all employees.

This policy is subject to ongoing review and may be modified from time to time to ensure it continues to meet the established objectives and remains responsive to current circumstances as well as evolving needs.

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